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Why Fitted Wesco?

The Wesco fitted or integrated bins are made from by the same German company as the Wesco free standing bins, but through a different supply chain.

The Wesco integrated recycling bins come in 2 ranges

Many of the integrated or "in cupboard" bins for pull out doors, have been designed for BLUM runners and parts (BLUMOTION) which have a lifetime guarantee. The BLUM runners are renown as the best runner system on the market and the Wesco bin systems such as the Pullboy Z bins which use the BLUM are the best bin systems that Wesco sell.

Please note that new in the fitted Wesco range is the Wesco Single Rubbish Bins for inside the cupboard. Some pull out as the door opens, but only with side hung doors, not front pulling doors.

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Why Wesco?

The Free Standing Wesco Bins are in our view, the best waste bins on the market today.

When researching for this site, we asked other bin suppliers whether their products matched the Wesco quality and no one felt able to say that their waste bins were as good.

We got tired of bins that broke - even those with a hefty price tag. So, whilst we agree that these bins are expensive, we think they are well worth the investment.

Made in Germany, with all that excellent engineering and design tradition behind it, the very first traditional Wesco bins were in classic vintage or retro style which are still very popular today. Very recently Wesco have designed a brand new "Metal Space" range - we call it the "Space Age" range - which is futuristic in design. It is proving very popular!

Westemann & Co, who manufacture the Wesco range, first started trading in 1867 and have well over 100 years of experience in metal manufacturing.

All time best selling ranges such as the Wesco Pushboy, Kickmaster and the Kickboy have been extended to include popular lines such as the Baseboy and more recently the TowerKick ranges. In the last 2 years, Wesco extended their ranges specifically for the smaller kitchen and spaces, and so have brought out smaller versions of the Wesco Kickmaster and Pushboy, in 13L (the Single boy), 20L (The Superboy) , 9L (The Single Master) and 15L (The Kickmaster Junior).

Another new development is the Wesco Kickmaster Classic SOFT waste bin, which features an improved quiet closing lid

We offer you the full Wesco bin range, and at what we believe is the best online retail price

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